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Very few people pay attention or give it a responsible consideration, but when programming, or more specifically, when designing how to implement a software system, there are actually (at least) two types of architectures.

Let us call them functional and non-functional architectures because they are strongly related to functional and non-functional requirements; but there are other names like macro and micro architecture for example. Perhaps there is not much consensus on the concept precisely because it is not deemed much important.

Why is that? For the most part, in modern times, teams of developers are indoctrinated in that the only…

Have you ever wished to split your application into business modules (feature modules) so that they each have their own set of feature logic http interceptors, yet they are so decoupled they can still use common logic interceptors without knowledge or reference to it.

Maybe different teams work in different features and have different Angular projects (I hope they are not building a huge unmaintainable monolith), and these projects export independently tested modules which are lazy loaded into the main application. Maybe some other similar use case 🤔…

Say something particular only to the feature module needs to be done…

Miguel Leon

Programming God

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